After a lot of creative pondering and serious thought we have come to the conclusion that it really isn't feasible to run camps this year. There are a number of factors and issues that are preventing us from moving forward in a way that is viable and safe for both campers and staff.


While we are saddened by this turn of events, we feel that we are making the right choice. We will miss our summer escapades, so keep us up to date with what you are up to and should things change, we will let you know. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns or help.


Keep well and stay safe!






Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Discovery Company! We are a small company which I founded 12 years ago when we returned to Northern Ireland from the US. At the time, my children were young and needed a way to help them meet friends and get involved. They were completely uninterested in sport or music which were just about the only extra curricular activities on offer. Don't get me wrong, both are great, my children just weren't interested. I was also looking for a job so I thought I could combine doing what I loved with creating unique opportunities for kids.


I have worked in museum education for most of my career - art museums, science centres, historic homes and botanical gardens. I am passionate about learning through experience and having fun while doing it. Hence Discovery Company was born with a series of programmes that integrate concepts of the arts, sciences and enviornment.  Our goal is to engage children in fun interactive activities that encourage exploration, experimentation, discovery and of course a little bit of learning!


Things have moved on and there is now a much broader spectrum of opportunities out there. However, I think what we do is still unique! All our programmes are child led so no two programmes are the same. We work with each group to explore topics or conduct experiments within a wider theme that appeal to them. 


Check out our school programming and holiday scheme pages to get an idea of what we offer. We would love you to join us at summer camp, a workshop or school programme!




20 Bridge Street * Killyleagh * BT30 9QN * 07868033231 * info@discoverycompany.co.uk

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